We offer solution oriented professional ICT services in several areas, with the view of giving the people we serve the power of productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Often we have been able to re-tune a business, and completely change business strategies of our clients to optimize the use of adaptive technologies. This had enabled them to gain competitive edge in several key functional areas. Our Key ICT Services Include:

Web Designing & Development & E-Business

We design and develop websites and portals that are very user friendly and SEO ( Search Engine Opimised). Our design approach is tailored to the specific personal, organizational, or business needs, implementing global best practices.

Our vastly experienced and highly skilled technical team could transform your day to day business to an online platform, and create for you optimised strategies to drive traffic to your site.

We start by improving limitations you have offline, and follow that up by developing an effective marketing plan that will suit your specific line of business. We put into consideration your target market and keep deploying profit solutions, if we are on retainership arrangement with you, through search engines, and social media.

You have an opportunity now to get a world standard website at half the cost!




We undertake software development from the scratch to meet the need of our clients, as well as customize familiar applications to meet specific needs. Our approach is to bring easy to use solutions that are consistent with industry standards. In addition to tailor made software solutions we provide, the following are specific application needs we provide to our clientèle:

  • Inventory management systems
  • Staff management system
  • Payroll system
  • Financial and accounting management system ◦
  • School management system
  • Hospital management system
  • Hotel management system, Etc


We provide help desk computer troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance, as well as on-the-site preventive maintenance services for those on retainership arrangement. We also design, install, and support single and multi-tier network computer networking solutions that provide seamless operations among units or department of an organization, with the view of enhancing business productivity. By providing on-the-site diagnostic as well as 24/7 remote monitoring we provide a robust computer network, with continual resolution of arising network issues


From mobile to stand alone computer units and supporting peripherals to off-the-shelve software, our product sales and sourcing strategy is entirely solution driven.


We use expert knowledge, informed by experience and global best practices to provide advisory services to our clients on design, acquisition, and deployment of IT services and products. The end result is to acquire cost effective IT solutions that are dependable and seamlessly expandable. Working closely with clients, we strive to provide solutions that would create processes and manpower utilization in line with business vision, mission and strategies. With a need focused advisory methods we work towards eliminating resource redundancies and increasing organizational efficiency.


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