For the past several days, since 21st January, we have been training participants on how to DESIGN, CONSTRUCT & INSTALL AN INVERTER. This training, which is scheduled for two weeks, will be coming to a close on the 4th of Feb.

We are glad to say that the participants have real hands-on experience, and are really doing it themselves. They started from identifying components; then went through mathematics of components usage, sourcing components from the local market, Inverter circuit design, construction and finally, implementation.

Interestingly, some of the participants are being exposed to electrical circuits the first time in their lives. But with our training approach they have been turned into real Inverter technicians; doing soldering of components, testing with measuring instruments, troubleshooting, etc.

Our Inverter training is continuous, as we schedule batch trainings as well as individual trainings. You are free to come in and get enrolled.

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