Computer Coding Scholarship For Kids


Features: CODING (Computer Programming) CLASSES FOR KIDS

Rather than the kids spending hours endlessly watching TV or playing with smart phones; let them learn to CODE.

……the classes are LESS OF THEORY AND MORE OF FUN PRACTICAL sessions at our training centre……

Age group: 8 Years – 16 Years

Why Should Kids learn Coding?

• Helps kids develop problem solving & critical thinking
• Helps build their imagination
• Enhances their academic performance
• Will enhance their career possibilities
• Improves TEAM spirit

What will they learn technically?

• Using high level programming language ( C++, Java)
• Designing logic flow algorithm
• Developing Websites
• Animation
• Making games


Kids will be selected after successfully passing our selection exam ( IQ Test). Exam date is Fri 2nd August 2019; at 11am. Venue: Micromedia Computer Ltd; 169 Agbani Road, Enugu. 08037768436; 08139179797

……..To participate in the selection, register your kid(s) details…

Registration is FREE

Parents with more than one kid should register them individually.

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