Statement Of Purpose: To make solution oriented  Information Technology available to people

Mission Statement: Our cardinal mission statement is to deliver very effective Technology Solutions to organizations and persons of all categories and status, using the simplest, most effective possible approach.

Our Customers: Our customer is primarily why we are in business. Therefore, we deem it our major responsibility to impact on the lives of the people who come to us, knowing fully well that they had come, not necessarily to make us wealthier, but to get value that will improve their lives. Beyond profit we are dedicated to applying technology solutions to empower our clients – singular and corporate. In this sense, we are always inclined to offer them the best, with a money-back guarantee, in case we do not deliver.

Experience:Experience makes the expert in any field. Haven been in business for over seventeen years, we have been able to thrive in our abilities over several challenges, through different aspects of clients demands, and requirements, as well as through changes in culture, technology, and lifestyles. Given that over 80% of businesses fail in the first five years of business; and another 90% of those that survive the first five years fail by their first decade; I would say that God has enabled us to thrive and that we have what it takes to do good business with you.
Adapting Technology: Technology changes at the same rate that the lifestyle of the people changes. As the modern temper is driven by speed in almost everything, so is technology changing. In fact technological changes has spearheaded most of our cultural and lifestyle changes. This being true, we have anchored our corporate strategy on continual development, through unrelenting research and development, and re-training programs
The Industry: The Information and Communication Technology industry has been experiencing upward growth worldwide, and is even growing faster in Africa and Nigeria in particular. Though we are in the wrong side of the digital divide, in comparison with the developed nations, the penetration rate of the technology, according to research is quite high. The implication of this is that there is still so much to do and gain from the provider as well as the user. This is an encouragement to you, to take advantage of what technology offers, to grow your potentials.

Why Choose Us


QUALITY: We do not compromise on the quality of our services and training. For this our track record, comprise of several individual and corporate clients; including collaborations with high net-worth organizations from private and government sectors.

EXPERIENCE: Through over fourteen years of quality services, and more than 6000 satisfied customer base, we have all it takes to provide you with IT solutions and empowerment, based on global best practices.

SIMPLICITY: Our service approach is predicated on simplicity. In our training program, this simplistic strategy describes the instruction methods and modalities. Through this method learning becomes fun, and understanding is readily guaranteed

EMPOWERED CLIENTS: Through the years we have been able to empower individuals, who have in turn enhanced their lives and career. This is mainly because we have our program structured to elicit the potentials and resourcefulness of our clients

COST EFFECTIVENESS: Our products and services are offered to be cost effective. The reason is because we have a vision to transform the life of all the citizens of the Nation and beyond. This is translated to a good cost benefit ratio, to enable us to serve more and more people.

MANPOWER: The driving force of our business lies in the quality of the staff. We have highly qualified staff, and personnel that works in line with the overriding mission of our business. And we keep evolving our capabilities through retraining programs, mainly to ensure that you are given the best at any point in time.

Current Goals And Objectives


To extend ICT to  not less than 15000 persons in terms of formal and informal solutions, capacity building, and resources in the next 3 years.

To bring web-based ICT resources to over 2000 corporate organizations in Africa in the next 3 years, specifically in the areas of  e-business oriented products and services.

To develop ICT youth entrepreneurs, who will be financially independent and capable of providing jobs for other people: we hope to build not less than 500 persons within Nigeria in this respect in the next one years.

To create massive ICT awareness by engaging several secondary schools and primary schools in educational programs, geared towards stimulating their minds to appreciate the present knowledge economy through digital awareness and literacy.


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